Transfer of Property and Closing

An experienced Newtown Square, PA real estate attorney who is enlisted to help you with your real estate transaction will be with you from the beginning until the transaction is successfully closed. The closing takes place when the money is paid for the purchase of the property, and the title is transferred. Your attorney will make sure that the transfer of property is done legally and binding.

Your attorney will also make sure that the transfer of deed is done correctly. The deed gives you or the purchaser of the real estate property the legal right to own it. In order for the sale to be effective, the deed needs to be recorded and filed accurately. The deed must be recorded before the transaction is finalized. And, it is important to note that the interests of the new owner are not protected unless the deed is recorded in the recorder’s office. Your attorney will make certain that the deed is properly recorded. It is imperative that this type of document is processed by professionals to avoid and prevent any problems with the real estate transaction.

At DeFino Law Associates, we are with our clients every step of the way. We will make sure to explain each step of the real estate transaction process and answer any questions and concerns. From the beginning of a real estate transaction to the closing, we will make sure that you are fully protected while keeping your best interests in mind.